Saturday, 23 January 2010

musical meme

My sister, are we nearly there yet mummy, has tagged for a musical meme. I have no idea what to do or what it is. I thought tag was a game in the playground. Anyway having had a snoop around and I think that I have the idea. I certainly commend her on her choice of song, The Time is now Moloko, also a favourite of mine. So I come to my selection...what the hell do I choose. I am really struggling here. Given that I have just come out of a 20+ years relationship it pretty much wipes out much of my adult life as each song I seem to choose then twangs at the heart strings like an manic acoustic Spanish guitarist. Going further back to my teenage years, given I was 19 when I met him, I find the songs I choose are full of awful memories of growing up and teenage angst, so sorry The Specials but Too Much Too Young doesn't quite cut it. Toxic Britney could have been a contender if only for the time I was with the girls at a friends 40th,. The special combination of just enough fizz and chutzpah resulted in me reenacting a Britney dance routine that my male friends have been wishing for ever since. but alas that is not my song of choice. Aretha is a great fave but makes me well up. Or how I can't listen to Robert Palmer She's The One because we both loved Robert Palmer and all I can remember is it coming on the radio whilst washing the car after he left and finding myself sobbing on the back seat with my legs sticking out of the car much to the bewilderment of passers by. This really is bloody hard most songs are all about love; lost, unrequited and being in etc. I am beginning to dislike my sister for making choose something that is trawling through my memories with very little respect and making the waterworks turn the taps on. I have trawled my spotify and itunes to come up with simething sophisticated...............but have opted for this classic

Sorry to the following if you have already been tagged nut am new at this game

Yappy Dog
what happened why am I here ?
Lorraine Wade


  1. Thanks for the tag, was hoping to get this one...great choices by the way.

  2. don't get this at all, not sure what a tag is - have to check me library book on blogging, I don't know how to put u tube links in but would choose Those were the days my friend by Mary Hopkins (who was my idol when I was 10, 1968 I think). But I am no fun as wouldn't tag anybody else in case they found me annoying (which I often am).

  3. am delighted to have had a response to my first tag. Still not sure if doing it right. Will have to confer with my sister - she's the expert.