Sunday, 20 December 2009

W.I. we are not

It is that time of year again which kicks starts me into feeling christmassy - the old wreath making. This has been a tradition for over 14 years now and it is the first time that we have had nearly all the ladies at the table, busy slurping mulled wine, nibbling on the occasional mince pie and fashioning something for their front door, or not as the case may be. Even She-ra joined in - a first. The blokes may scoff at our attempts amd class us W.I rejects but we love it. If we weren't making wreaths it would be something else. I am always amazed at how we can all talk at exactly the same time all over each other yet still manage to hold a conversation or three. Although this year I did get undivided attention when I told them of my latest news of going on my first date.There is nothing like the smell of fresh blood in the group to get them to stop in their tracks. All this is with a background of Christmas tracks paying merrily away in the background. The wreaths over the years have been all sorts of wonders. My personal favourite being the silver wreath with silver chocolate coins in huge chunky bunches adorning it. Running a close second was the sprout tree complete with shimmer painted onto individual sprouts. This year my effort has been very tame. My excuse? Just moved, lost all my gear and had no time. I dived out of the car got some trailing ivy and had bought a very long silver organza ribbon. Simple but chic. Anyway we have a gallery today to choose from. Christmas spirit is here even if it is in mulled wine form.

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