Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Raging hormones hidden agendas

He-mans' hormones seem to be more settled at the moment although I do wish he would stop drawing huge detailed drawings of willies on his school work/gcse exam papers. It really is embarrassing to get yet another phallus alert phone call from a teacher.
She-ra is definitely entering full on teenage hormone country and much flouncing, grunting, tears for no reason, squeaky voices, a lot of eye liner and mascara, plus drooling over New Moon actors ( OK so I did too ) but is also joining me in panting over George Clooney, Brad Pitt and any other hot young thing on our screens.

My hormones are all over the place. Ol' Twinkly Eyes emailed and so far we have managed a long lunch and now have a something almost resembling a date after work. I say "almost a date" as he is playing it very cool, but still managed to clock up 4 emails today. I cannot remember ever being this excited. I have had to go for a very hard run to get rid of all the energy and dog was positively exhausted when we came back. Having divulged my current state of mind to the kids, well I had to I was acting like even more of a crazy woman, I have got their blessing, at least for a short while. No doubt He-man thinks my mind will be less focused on him and he can even more free rein - think again tiger. She-ra looks genuinely pleased. I however am a mixture of complete excitement and omg what do I say,do, wear, will I have time for a bikini wax beforehand etc. My ability to speak disappears when with him , which is very unlike me and I struggle to look him in the eye just in case he sees crazy woman plus the extreme lustful thoughts written across my forehead. I really do need to get a grip otherwise it will be over before it has begun as my scary jabber frightens him off ( if I manage to speak that is ). I'm sure Ann Bancroft didn't have this problem when going for Dustin. Or maybe I need to switch role models.

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