Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Colour Purple

There is a theme running through our house at the moment and if it is the colour purple then it is IN. Both daughter and I love the the colour purple , He-man preferring bright orange or green. The love of purple is not just restricted to clothes - see recent Howge scarf, handbag, necklace, T shirt, ipod nano, eye shadow, nail varnish etc. It also extends to food. Whilst playing a daft pass-the-time-away game over dinner with The Wrinklies recently I declared that I love aubergines just on colour alone nevermind the shape. This prompted a rant from G-man ( grandad as renamed by He-man ) about how he can't stand the colour purple. This resulted in many a furtive glance between she-ra & I as his Christmas present was a beautiful dark purple shirt from Jaeger. Don't worry, I said to her later that night, he will declare that it is not purple but another colour altogether as the label will sway him. You guessed it on Christmas morn as he unwrapped his very dark purple shirt he invented a new colour for the Dulux paint chart. I lurve my royal dark indigo shirt, he cried. To which we howled with laughter. However still fuelled by a talk of purple the previous night he went onto name the only colour purple he truly liked for which I cannot wait for Dulux to put on their paint charts. " Bell end purple."

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