Sunday, 29 November 2009

The move to the new house doesn't quite feel real. It is like being on holiday. We know we are are here for a while until the house we are buying is ready but it still doesn't feel like ours. It's that make do mentality we have when away.Even simple things like going to the shops is different just because we have traded one parade in for another. If only we had glorious sun shine to go with it it would really feel like a jolly; although with the super efficient heating we are all sweltering it would be quite easy to walk around in next to nothing to conjure up the right image. We didn't unpack everything so we are down on certain plates, pans etc all adding to the " staying in a gite" feel. I shall just have to take to having a glass of rose every night to wash down the pistachio nuts before playing hours of gin rummy with She-ra whilst He-man gallivants with the locals. I hope there is a gorgeous neighbourly hunk ready to help me with my dodgy corkscrew.

All relevant boxes unpacked
Boxes unpacked 20
Clothes rail up
Toilet blocked 1
off the decible scale - the washing machine

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