Thursday, 12 November 2009

missing mojo

Recently I posted a blog about my mojo, Mrs Robinson style lascivious thoughts, men and wet patches. I decided after posting it that perhaps this was too much information to share and deleted it. Well apparently judging by the emails I have had it was well received. I can't remember what I wrote now but think the first sentence kinds of sums it up. I might not be completely back in the game but I am certainly prepared to sit on the substitution bench even if it does mean leaving a wet patch or so I thought until my path crossed with someone at work. I am now behaving like a love struck teenager and developing stalker tendencies. Unlike He-man who is behaving like a gentleman towards his girlie ( thanks grandad you taught him well ) making cups of tea for his arm candy, buying Christmas pressies (and taking her girlfriends with him so he gets it right - I am so proud ) and walking hand in hand as he takes her home. I on the other hand having secured a coffee together in the name of work, was so nervous I badly burnt my tongue, could hardly speak during our meeting ( it wasn't a date ) as it was the only way I could disguise the panting and stop the drooling dribble. The email silence that followed said coffee isn't a good sign so I need to get my act together if I want to throw my hat in the ring. I'm just not very good at picking up the "signals" and equally bad at fending of those who have picked up on mine ( which were in fact not intended at all ) I need to be less angus thongs and full frontal snogging and more Ann Bancroft. I better add The Graduate to my Christmas wish list for tips.

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