Friday, 30 October 2009

packing it in

I have been packing for several days with various friends popping into help. Thank god for that for after 7 days intensive packing I ache all over and dare I say it ....feel my age. During this period of cardboard and brown tape hell I decided that half term had to at least involve my kids, well one anyway. She-ra and I headed to town, me for a hair cut and she for a fleecing ( of me .) Actually she was quite restrained having already serviced her need to shop with a quick foray into Primark and New look before meeting me at my hairdressers. When looking for a suitable place for lunch we walked past McDonald's. Ah the memories. Pre kids this was my hangover cure - a quarter pounder with fries and coke. I can remember driving through and grabbing the food with my mates before gorging ourselves in the car park and then belching so loud i sounded like a truckers car alarm.When the kids were little we often went for a happy meal ( a misnomer if ever I heard one ) sometimes with other mums. It was a frentic session fuelled by additives and a lot of tomato sauce. Now it is given a wide berth. She-ra took one look at it and said "McFatties more like"
Box 500 packed. Phone calls to solicitors - lost count. Move date set. Exchange of documents yet to take place. Thanks to Royal Mail. Free cycle -1 ebay - 0 ( thanks to vanishing winning bidder with more items yet to be sold). Trips to charity shops - 7 trip to dump ( or the household recycling waste site ) -6

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