Thursday, 22 October 2009

no time to spare

I have realised that of late I am not getting the time to blog at all. Lunchtimes used to suit me just fine as it would be a quick half hour of light relief before back to the grind stone but everything is by the seat of the pants at the moment. If I am not trudging into town on a mission to buy say replacement pencil case because heman glued shera's together, or checking billions of emails about rubbish then I am either scouring the rental columns to find suitable house, arranging to view multiple houses and fending off phonecalls from Hemans school. Added to this the fact that I am trying to avoid having to pay ex husbands bad debts, organise a complicated house move, hold down job, pack, sell numerous unwanted ( and wanted ) items on ebay which I detest all whilst trying to keep sane seems to be helped by Messrs Cabernet & Sauvignon at the moment. So you can imagine my joy having had 3 long phone calls with one solicitor another 3 with estate agents and another 3 with letting agents, when I receive this call from shera...." mum what do you do when you have been bitten bya squirrel?"

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