Thursday, 1 October 2009

News alert! frantic house hunter spotted!

The house hunting is reaching a hiatus. My offers have been rejected by the divorcing couple who are clearly not ready to move on. This half of a divorced couple is definitely ready to move on and fast. But where are the houses? There is nothing out there and the pickings are slim. Then we have to factor in huge sized teenagers whose trainers are big enough to sleep in. My need for a garden that is south facing - I'm not talking acres here but big enough for a BBQ table and chairs only in the sun. Then there is the number of beds and sizes of said bedrooms. The burning question for the kids is who gets the smallest room. Many a time it has been suggested that I, mater, should be the recipient given that I am now the smallest member of the family. However I think He-man should have it. He uses his room only for sleeping and PS3'ing with sleep overs conducted downstairs. Whereas She-ra has girlies over and much time nutty tuttying goes on en chambre. Location Location Location is of prime importance though and bedroom sizes have been renegotiated in favour of getting the location right. Teenagers and friends are attached at the hip and suggestions of moving further away results in an allergic reaction. So far I have looked at houses with only one child, and never the same one, having never managed to get both together at the same time. However they realise that this is serious now and we have to be out in approximately 6 weeks time and have yet to find somewhere to live. Renting does really appeal and guess what ? there aren't many suitable rentals out there either. I didn't expect it to be this bad. But despite the prospect of being homeless, that we have way too much furniture to fit into any of the homes and that I am amassing cardboard boxes at a rapid rate it is not stressful as everyone seems to think it should be. Besides the cardboard city in my garage could soon be a comfortable abode for 3 and a dog.