Monday, 14 September 2009

Table Manners

At a late lunch the other day She-ra and I were sat at the dining table having completely different meals. She having the compulsory post horse ride mug shot - packet of dried floor sweepings and e numbers whilst I had something that was supposed to be pate and which She-ra declared to be poo in a pot. It certainly wasn't the rillettes style I enjoyed on our recent jaunt to France but it satisfied my need for something intensely savoury just as her mug shot satisfied hers for something intensely disgusting. As I finished of last piece of gherkin I washed it down with the very unhealthy Diet Cherry Coke that I have recently discovered ( realise I am painting a picture of complete unhealthiness but it's Sunday and happens only in a blue moon ) Taking a swig of coke quite often I find it is then followed by a burp but I had forgotten this. Moments later following a rather huge expulsion of air that took us both by surprise it was quickly followed through by newly chomped pieces of gherkin. Hmm nice

Later that night after tyring out my new chicken and pistachio spicy kebabs ( delish by the way ). She-ra decided this was also the time to demonstrate the need a for a new bra by twanging her straps to demonstrate the lack of support she was receiving. This had a similar effect to my Coke induced mega belch earlier that day and her recently quaffed chicken and pistachio kebab exited gob-wise at a startling pace.
Clearly blessed with toilet humour we found both incidents extremely funny. I'm just glad He-man wasn't there to join in as he hates to be out done.

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