Sunday, 12 July 2009

So there we are for one brief moment a family all together, i.e. 2 teens, a dog and me, about to watch the move as sent by lovely Mr Tesco DVD rental. The Defiance, hurrah an adult film that I can relate to. He-man snarls and sits reluctantly much preferring quality entertainment such as The Hangover or The 40 year old virgin which he watches later that night, yet again. I think he is looking for tips ( more on that in another post .) She-ra sits politely asking when the chocolate and popcorn is coming. As expected after half an hour and not a boob or shag in sight He-man skulks off declaring it to be a old of crap and Daniel Craig can't act. She-ra however is in it for the long haul. She has discovered that sometimes a film can be crap ( which it isn't by the way ) but if the eye candy is of high enough quality then you can sit through anything. See many of Brad Pitt or George Clooney films for supporting evidence. I for one really enjoyed the Defiance. I even missed the fact that had Google Grandad been around we would have had a much welcome (ruining) running dialogue about the Jewish Poles during the second world war right down to the weaponry used. She-ra asked questions during the film, always at the crucial moment, infuriating but encouraging. The question she really wanted to know however was what was the name of the supporting actor in the role of Zus, who was also in Wolverine ( an added bonus in her eyes.) After much thought half way through the film she finally declared who he was..... Levi Arsehole! (see Leiv Schrieber - sorry mate but you will be for ever Levi Arshole )

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