Sunday, 19 July 2009

hair in funny places

Yesterday definitely had a theme to it. Hair. In unwanted places. How is it that you can go to bed looking normal yet wake up the next day and horrors of horrors you have a Tom Selleck style moustache appear? Not normally a problem as is easily rectified with my long term friend Jolen ( not the Dolly Parton track ). However I did not have time to do anything about this morning as I had a house viewing calling round in less time than I could rip off the lid of pot of bleach. Cue frantic plucking at said black haired spikey monsters on my upper lip. However this resulted in a bright red top lip so I stopped plucking, thought b*ll*cks I will just have to brave it out and hope my personal welcome mat was not off putting. The door bell went and I opened the door. What was I worrying about? The woman in front of me was a fully paid up member of the Tom Selleck fan club and I looked like a pre-pubescent boy in comparison.

Off to town with my sister. She of Blonde hair and delicate eye browns beautifully shaped. Whilst mooching in Debenhams sale ( at a particularly gorg pair of shoes, I'll have to go back ) we noticed a threading concession. I'd love a bit of threading on my beetle brows but not in full public. 2 women were busy having their brows done, although they could have had top lip chin or even beard done in full public view too if they wished. There was a beautiful black women having her browns attended to. She sat up and smiled at us when all thoughts of joining the threading club dissipated. Her brow and forehead were bright red and swollen in a Klingon stylee. The thought of gallivanting round town looking like that had us running for the hills. Actually Browns and very nice glass of chilled Pinot Grigio whilst we waited for our girls to spend up.

And so to the evening....after a while the ageing process conversation arose, as always, and the amount of unwanted hair us ladies seem to be developing. There was the usual top lip and hairy chin discussion followed by a main course of rampant lady gardens with the occasional grey hair. We then got on to talking about nasal hair. I shared my tip of using Immac shoved up the old nostrils and a quick blow to the nose - job done. My 2 running buddies pricked up their ears at this as a possible solution to their dilemma. Our Mr legaleagle dad very proudly brought out his electric nose hair trimmers. Soon all the blokes had had a go of said gadget, all admiring it. Not to be out done running buddies 1 & 2 joined in! God they'll be doing their ears next!

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