Friday, 10 July 2009

Google grandad

Grandad is like a walking encyclopedia to the kids. I am sure that they devise ways of trying to catch him out for when he and wifey come to stay. For instance " if we are all god's children what makes Jesus so special?" asks shera. (I must point out we were in the garden of one of the many recent very hot days with her back to us sitting in the most comfortable chair placed about 10ft away from everyone else.) "because he is the only true son of God" replied grandad without taking his eyes away from the newspaper and in a split second. She was happy with this response. Later my son tried his geographical knowledge by quizzing him on various places names and capitals across the world. He didn't falter once but when he got to question number 49 and with no signs of relenting he passed the baton to wifey. She in the encyclopedia's encyclopedia. All questions were correctly answered and no gloating in sight.

If the wrinklies aren't flexing their amazing knowledge ( which is one of the purposes of being a grand parent let's face it ) then we get tv tourettes. This is where grandad ( again without moving his eyes from what he is doing ) will shout out the political persuasion of every single newsreader, actor or anyone who happens to be on the box. How does he know Natasha Kaplinski is a leftie? BBC newsreaders are is favourite targets. However it does become a pain when you are tyring to watch your favourite telly programme to the background of
" communist! Marxist! etc" If it isn't the political persuasion then we get the political context of said film. This usually results in lots of teenage flouncing as yet again they have been unable to watch Friends without grandad's verbal sub titles

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