Thursday, 4 June 2009

Work Experience

Heman is doing 5 days work experience at a major high street fashion retailer . I am hoping that it will be the kick up the bum he needs to start working at school to get a better career etc. I'm not sure it is working though. On Monday he moved stock from one floor to the other and played spot the teenage mum, made friends with unsuitable older role model who crashed out of uni and bummed around ever since, he was very tired ( read grumpy gnark pants ) when he came home. The upside was we had civil, fun even, conversation ( before he became tired and grumpy gnark pants ) . I had my lovely boy back. On Tuesday he moved the stock back again, got accidentally locked in a store cupboard, used his mobile phone to ring for help and then promptly had it confiscated, panicked went AWOL looking for intelligent best mates dad ( don't ask ) to get it back for him, played spot the Fat angry women, arrived at my work very late to take him home and was very grunty and annoyed that he couldn't then fit in revision and playing football and go on PS3 ( cos I need to RELAX ) in the space of 20 minutes. Wednesday, after trying to throw a sickie, he pretended to be Mexican, moved stock around again, was allowed to tag things, got told off for rolling his eyes but was prompt to meet me. Thursday started with a blank refusal of ever going to work at that Sh*thole again, driving to work in complete silence. Thursday afternoon I get an email to tell me that he had been sent home from work. Yet again my child is the only one who can never seem to do a simple task. I am the mother who has hung her head in playground shame on to many an occasion and has gone late to collect said child to avoid the tuts and silent glances. This all stopped at high school but I fear as the teenage hormones kick in that it is all about to start again. On the other hand when I find out that the said high street retailer has failed to keep any student more than 2 days and he lasted 4 I didn't feel so bad. They also admitted that they hadn't had much time to give him any attention I felt even less bad as they had cocked up not my boy ( well kind of ).

After much ringing around, hey I've got nothing better to do in my highly stressful job, I got him a job at work... Only to find that he had organised himself a job elsewhere. I was impressed he had shown initiative. All be it he would be working in a night club during the day getting the stage ready for a gig that night, all of which took about half an hour and then he came home, he thought that kind of work was brill. Even better he doesn't need qualifications for it so why bother trying at school. My head is in my hands.

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