Thursday, 4 June 2009

the art of conversation

Heman grunts, She-ra mumbles or talks so fast Ican't keep up with her. Take yesterday for instance. I managed to prise the butt cheeks of younger child to go for a post dinner walk around the park with dog. Despite her reluctance the moment we had set foot out of the house she started talking.And never shut up. I tried desperately to keep up with what she was saying, glad that she was at least taking the time to talk to me ( at me ) but I couldn't keep up. The conversation kinds of goes " youknowmyBFFwellIhateherandmyotherBFisdrivingmenutsandMRxatschoolisapratandIcan'tspeaktoBFno3becauseshe'lltellBFF.... " I am losing the will to live. Either I made the wrong "yes I understand " noises and at the wrong time, asked her to repeat it again too many times, got friends names wrong or just basically DON'T UNDERSTAND. Plus she speaks in text jargon. Not only that but the speed of lateral thought was incredible. I would be trying to get in my head why she didn't like so and so and she was already on friend analysis number 3. KEEP UP MUM. I give in. I just need to practice my nodding and oh yes's and she'll never know. All the same I would still listen to her just to get the chance to have some sort of connection.

Heman just grunts. Or he shouts. Shouting can happen when you ask a civil question like " what are you doing tonight? " Or "please pass the bread". Grunting occurs all the time. Schmoozing happens when we want money, to get back the PS3 after shouting, not doing homework.

Someonee needs to write a guide book with transaltions bit at the back, The lonley planet guide to teenagers.

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