Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Are you looking at my bottom? Clearly not

Today I walked part way to school with Shera, as I often do, to give the dog a quick airing and opportunity to scare the local Squirrel community. I often am a couple of paces behind Shera as she walks incredibly fast, or may be she is just trying to get away from me. This brief walk of all of 10 mins can often include her talking at high speed ( See art of conversation posting ) and lots of nodding from me. But not to day. I have upset her. Over my bottom. If anyone should be upset over my bottom it should be me.

Why should she be upset over my bottom? Because dressed in only bra and knickers working up a sweat this morning whilst trying to get ready for work her clock fell off her bedroom wall. She couldn't fit it back so there I was balancing on a chair putting it back for her when jokingly I turned around and said " are you looking at my bottom? " which I then repeated for comedic effect a couple more times as everyone knows that repetition is a key part of comedy. I also did a couple of over dramatic turns with lots of hair swishing. Clearly a comedy moment if ever I saw one. Well clearly not in this case. Like I said I have upset her over my bottom and believe me if anyone should be upset over it I should be me. Are you looking at my bottom?

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  1. omigosh, what a hilarious story. I don't know how old Shera is, but I could envision something similar to that happening with me and my 14 yr. old, especially when she was a little younger. Oh, I came to your blog via ExmoorJane's. I'll keep popping in from time to time, if you don't mind. I'm a firm believer in laughter and humor. How else in the world would we be able to cope with all the crazy stuff that life dishes out to us?