Thursday, 7 May 2009


Heman is older than she-ra. She-ra has just become a teenager although has been displaying the symptoms for some time now. Heman at 14 nearly 15 has been developing teenageness at a slower rate. However I think we can safely declare that he has arrived. Physically he has always looked much older but now he can add grunting , attitude, smell, lack of awarenes of time and complete disregard for anyone else to his list of achievements. The bedroom floor is awash with clothes, mainly dirty. The trousers are half way down his backside showing suitable trendy undercrackers which means I can no longer buy tesco value pack as it just wont do. In fact I should consider taking out shares in H&M as that is where most of the money seems to go. That and TK Maxx. The shoes are plenty in number and are of a size most dwarves would class as a des-res. He lives entirely on pizza, cheese, and vast quantities of cereal. I find myself shrieking about spots, hygiene, wanting to know where he is and treating the house like a hotel. Now where have I heard that before?