Thursday, 11 September 2014

University - the to do list

I love a list. Even looked to see if any university had compiled a check list of a what to do next and what to take. Sadly not. So I give you my list, for what's it's worth. 
What to do next-
1 finance, hopefully this long sorted out before results day. Actually starting a children's Bond or some other saving scheme when they were born would have been a good idea. Talking through budgets and living costs is essential
2 student bank accounts. There are lots out there so choose wisely. We have got 2. One for all fees accommodation costs etc and the other for living expenses and where wages, if we get another job, will be paid into. This was a tip from students. 
3 work. Update your cv and register with as many local temporary staffing agencies as you can before you go.also register with uni job shop to pick up extra hours
4 buy your resources or at least order before you go. When it comes to books second hand is better and so is the library. You could even wait until you get there and see what current students are selling off
5 insurance check your parents policy covers you away from home
6 transport. Even if you can drive and have a car I really wouldn't bother. A bike is good and low cost. Most unis have free bike maintenance courses too

Our list below is based on self catering halls. Some things are new, other items from home. We have done sweeps of Wilkinsons, mainly for kitchen utensils, Aldi, lidl and Sainsburys for the rest. All supermarkets have student related offers on. 
Our list is based on the likelihood will be that you will share a kitchen. Why not get to know each other on Facebook beforehand and share items. Most universities have FB pages for halls.  So do you really need 6 colander & 6 pan sets? 
As Shera likes to cook we are taking following
Wooden spoons
Plastic spatula 
Slotted spoon 
Tin opener
Bottle opener/ corkscrew
Large sharp knife
Small sharp knife
Frying pan
Large saucepan
Pizza tray and cutter
Tala measure , love these 
Mixing bowl or as Shera said Sangria bowl
Baking tray
Bun tray - call it the gbbo effect but baking is really popular in unis. Its a great way to make friends and good fundraising activity too
A cookery book. Even though my daughter is pretty good in the kitchen we got Nosh for a Students which has budgeting advice and what to have in your store cupboard too

Crockery - we already a spare set
Pasta/salad bowl 
2 high ball glasses
2 wine glasses
3 mugs of normal, large and extra large size. For soup apparently " but don't we have bowls? "? I ask.
Permanent marker pen to label your milk, pizza etc

Cleaning stuff
Rubber gloves
Multi purpose spray
Washing up liquid
Lots of bin liners. Can't emphasise that enough
Lots of cleaning cloths 
Same goes for tea towels. If you gave ever been in a student flat don't touch the tea towel!
Toilet brush and cleaner
A clothes airer an essential items
Laundry bag

On bathroom front if you have an en suite chances are a bathmat will be pretty useless. You are also very lucky.
On toiletry front I did a sweep of the usual stuff daughter uses. Plus condoms. Let's not be prissy here
Bag to be able to cart stuff home in like dirty washing

Bedding, and changes of bedding. Dark colours work better believe me.
Blankets or fleecy throiws or both
Mattress protector and topper

As the fire alarms in halls tend to off at all hours make sure you have something warm, quick and easy to get into. You could be stood outside in middle of night for sometime

Passport style photos- take them with you. You will need them for so many things

Passport and or drivers licence. Not only to enrol but If you need work you need I.D. Don't lose it!

A folder of important stuff . Like student finance letter, your AS12/ucas offer letter. Course and accommodation related things. A place to keep passport

I did a flow chart of what money comes and when and also when it goes back out again. Apparently this was useful. Visual learner see

On the clothes front, be sensible and remember to take a coat. See earlier comment about fire alarms. Also it might be warm in September but it quickly turns to autumn so pack wisely. You can always take other clothes at a later date. We also packed work attire. Smart black trousers and shirts not forgetting footwear.
Storage boxes to go under bed. We have these already so there are just going to be uplifted, full of shoes, and taken.

A lesson in how to wash clothes always helps. We've already got ironing sussed.

Chargers, laptops, speakers etc goes without saying. 
Tvs we are trying with just a laptop fir streaming tv. If it doesn't work out then we will order one. Most seem to manage

On food front we will do a big shop when we get there rather than try and find additional space in car. 

Some home comforts such as cushions, fairy lights ( even for boys) bunting, a favourite item and photos go well. Remember notice board pins too

Grandparents often want to help out and a good tip is to suggest gift vouchers. Either for supermarket shopping which can fe topped up on line. Or for clothes or toiletries at a later date. There are so many sorts at the check out these days and could be a welcome and timely gift. 

I'm sure there are plenty if things you could add to my list. We had lists of items on a notice board that we could add to as we thought if things and tick off as we got them. 
Please add your comments below

The list was compiled from advice from friends with students already in situ, colleagues in accommodation at my university and common sense. 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

University bound

She-ra is university bound. Got her first choice. A happy bunny. The guest room is accumulating stuff that will be needed at a rapid rate.
I am so pleased for her but clearly will miss her too.  Who else will I be able to do these things:
- speaking a made up Scandinavian language every time a new scandi drama comes on
- kitchen disco dancing
- supreme cake baker and kitchen messer upperer
- a go getter try anything once which inspires me to do the same
- that 'look' when you both just know
- whole conversation conducted in Irish, Welsh, Geordie.  We are none of these
-fashion guru. Apparently I am no longer capable of dressing myself and need her advice, whether I want it or not
- the same can be said of my make up. Don't get me started on eyebrows
- a great dog walker
- fellow binge TV viewer. Yo! Mr White Orange is the new black.

I could write a long list. Bon Voyage beautiful daughter. I am so very excited a
for you and damn bloody proud.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Typical pre holiday mayhem

Today is a typical day in my wee life. Particularly when I have a house full of adults teens and wrinklies.
So far on this stay I have had to buy 1 new iron and 1 new toilet seat. It is day 5. She-ra declared that Grandad must be "shit wriggler" because no one else wobbles the downstairs loo like he does of which he oft to be found complaining. Meanwhile She-ra en-suite has developed a crack in the seat. Bear with me. To ensure that it was a seat crack and not her bottom she tested the variable like Goldilocks and the three bears trying out all 3 sanitary items of the house. Its definitely the toilet, she declared. After much dismantling and rearranging and losing my rag with her toilet seat that was never going to move, we now have rearranged & purchased toilet seats to suit all bottoms. This is rock n roll. At one point I did take a hammer to try and budge the screws etc and envisaged smashed porcelain. Not a  good move.

As we are about to depart on our jolly leaving wrinklies on doggie day care I felt I should mow the lawn. This I did in the rain. I am sure this could be dangerous but I was on a mission.

In between time there has been the poker face off between 2 car dealerships as I have taken the plunge to buy a new mini and have been battling them down on price This is not what you want when you are trying to navigate Ryanairs check in system and deciding which bikini you should take.

The Kindle I ordered on express delivery has yet to arrive. No doubt I it will appear just as I'm going tomorrow. I couldn't face learning the new technology at this stage. The books I bought just in case it didn't arrive will have to go in my pants or something to avoid Ryan-airs draconian excess baggage charges.
We also had....
A Bolognese bubbling away all day which I managed to conjure up this morning.
A conversation with my mortgage company about fixed rates
Ink bought for the printer so we can print off Mr O'learys boarding pass requirements
There is a stack of ironing and dog giving me the sad face as she spied the cases.
God  I need a holiday.
Oh and I'm out to dinner this evening. I feel a large glass of something coming on. Pass the Olives wont you.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Boob job

I have been away for 2 nights for an annual conference and awards shin dig, bun fight - call it what you will. When I say 2 nights I'm not counting the first night really as we didn't arrive gone 11pm. So basically I'm away from home for not very long.
So can someone explain to me why in gods name did I pack 4 bras and 4 pairs of shoes. And that doesn't include the running shoes either. Not only did I pack excessive amounts of boulder holders but I threw in the tit tape just in case. 
Tit tape! But I needed it as my floaty dress decided that it wanted to floaty away and had to be secured in place. 
Having not brought any scissors and now in a desperate rush ( note to self pack scissors as well as kitchen sink next time ) I use man's only sharp cutting device, my teeth. Jesus I nearly pulled my teeth out the glue was that strong. I may have in fact removed the enamel. Suffice to say floaty dress did not move. The removal of tit tape at silly o'clock in the morning after a few sherbets was nearly forgotten about which could have led to me being glued to my bed the following morning. As it is I don't think the hair will grow there for some time. 

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Le Tour

My home county of Yorkshire is going all out to celebrate the Tour de France. I just love the quirkiness of us British folk and the genius ways in which we celebrate things.
Check out this link

Meanwhile we have croissant, coffee deck chairs and Pimms apparently so we can pitch up roadside with the Wrinklies to watch Le Grand Depart.