Sunday, 2 October 2016


Anyone doing part times study whilst working full time will know the feeling of relief combined with a dash of euphoria and a smattering of anxiety of  " have I got it right?" as you hit the submit button. Got that feeling right now!
So a whole full week off before next module.This will be filled with a lot of catch up tv, catching up with chores ( boo ), catching up with friends (yay) and generally flopping about. Not necessarily in that order!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Dogs welcome

have a question. If the ratio of dogs in a (small) bar is almost equal to that of people is that too many dogs? I love dogs. We have a dog. But seriously when you can't sit down because a dog is on the sofa? Or you have just tripped up over the 3rd Labrador when trying to get to the only seat left. Or that the dog owner next to you suddenly jumps up because their dog decides to cock it's leg for a piss. Or the big dog suddenly lunge at each other and you're caught in the crossfire. Unless we had missed something and it was the local kennel club meeting at peak time on a Friday night? There's "dogs are welcome" on another level. 

Friday, 16 September 2016

Give me a break

It's been nearly 20 weeks since Ive had a holiday. I am officially on my knees. Brain like fudge- check. Sleeping through alarm - check. Falling asleep very early - check.

Have I looked on green eyed whilst my friends, family and work colleagues have been off here there and everywhere? Only in the last few weeks when some peeps were on their second or third jolly in same time frame.

Say good bye work and hello to 2 weeks off starting right now! 

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Mundane Monday

I thought I would bore you with the mundane. I actually like mundane and can find humour in it most of the time. On this particular Monday night, fresh from finishing work I bundled the dog into the car en route to new vet for flea stuff aka kill the blighters! She did something she has never done before and puked up in my nice new(ish) mini. Son was accompanying me but only to get a lift post vet and dog walk. I say dog walk but he couldn't walk very well having done his back in. The top half of his body was at such an angle to the lower half they looked like they didn't belong together. Having insisted the only way to cure said back pain was to hang off something which he tried to demonstrate by hanging off a door frame and nearly ripping it from the wall, I pointed out that the park playground had bars and beams perfect for hanging off. Suddenly the big 21 year old of 6'2" felt awkward and apparently the apparatus was the wrong sort to hang from. 
Having duly dropped off my charge I raced home to wash sick of my dogs arse, yes she sat in it too, and the back seat of car. There is one piece of partially digested vommed up biscuit that is wedged down the side of seat belt that I cannot get out. The car will stink forever. I no longer love my car. 
By now it was 730 and I was getting peckish. Spicy chicken salad done I chomped and trawled through work emails I hadn't had time to do earlier. There was also chuntering at having to do said emails. 
Monday night is always hit the studies nard night for my MBA and I managed an hour or so  before i couldn't tell my theories from my elbow. Remembering to take banana cake out of t'oven I decided my brain could only cope with an episode of The Good Wife before turning in. It's 1130pm and son has just returned home clanking around the kitchen foraging. It's amazing how loud feckin Tupperware is when you are trying to go to sleep 

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Wrong blog name

Last week saw the 20th birthday of my youngest. This means my blog is incorrectly titled. 2-young-adults-who-sometimes-behave-like-teenagers doesn't quite have the same flow though.  But I can officially say I've made it through the teenage years. They have provided me with great material when either of them get married. A lot of which has never made it on to my blog. I may have to take legal advice to see where I stand before revealing all. 

Despite all the mood swings, shoutiness, door slamming and serial flouncing there is always something warm and glowing about having a celebratory meal altogether usually with their respective boy or girlfriend at the time.  Even if it ended with flouncing for dessert.

Sunday, 13 March 2016


So here I am Sunday night doing some back ground reading for my MBA because that's the way I roll OK.  Scanning the Harvard Business Review, cos I am so well read, I came across an article on Starbucks and their practice of clopening.
What on earth is clopening I thought?
So type in the phrase to twitter and I'm astounded really. This is up there with zero contract hours. The practice of closing one shift but being expected to be there to open the next. I watched my son do this last year when he was working for a well known local bar group, award winning too. They serve expensive drinks by staff who are on zero contract hours and victims of clopening. Sometimes he would get home at 4 or 5 am and be back on at 11am. When he complained he lost is shifts.

Why do we treat people like this?
I don't think this rant is over. I feel a letter coming on!

Monday, 7 March 2016


I had never hear of Puerto Rico until a  kind lady rang me up and said "you've won a holiday there!" I know a hell of lot more about the Caribbean, long haul flights, luxury hotels and the rum industry than before.

A holiday of humidity, heat, beautiful beaches, great food and utter luxury. St Regis Bahia Beach staff were the most wonderful hosts ever. They upgraded us to a suite. Yes a suite! We had a butler and literally didn't have to lift a finger. Clearly the playground of wealthy Americans. We went on trips to the rain forest, catamaran and snorkeling adventures. We hiked our selves off the to local beach  at Luquillo where the sea water was like a warm bath and the 60 odd kiosks offered every variety of food you could imagine. We opted for El Jefe for its famed burgers and the name if we a are totally honest.  We swam, slept and sunbathed. A stunning place where nothing was too much trouble.